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Love Your Floor

by Jocelyn Scott February 15, 2022 1 min read


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and it is a day that we normally think about our sweethearts, whether they are our partners, our children, or other loved one. Flowers, candies and romantic date nights are all memorable. And to fill in any blanks, our pets are also deserving of some lovin’ on Valentine’s Day.  Yes, I love to treat my four-legged friend to a pup-cycle on special days. People also have Valentine’s attachments to other inanimate items in their lives. A good carwash for the four wheels. A new plant for the sunny windowsill. A new mat for the entrance. Say, what? You heard me! Your floors needs a little love, too! They take a beating for you every day, and are there through rain and shine, so why not show a little love for your floor with a new entrance mat. One that actually helps preserve your floors by trapping harmful dirt and grit that can scratch the finish. Choose a mat that does not let damaging moisture leak to the floor below. Look for a skid-proof mat that will stay in place and not slide around. Check to see if it is low profile so that your door won’t get stuck or cause a trip hazard. Select a mat that is easy to clean regularly in your washer and dryer. With Studio 67 mats, your floors will continue to love you back!