SAVE THE FROGS - Wash+Dry™ Mats by Studio 67


Studio 67 and Kleen-Tex Industries, Inc., are proud sponsors of SAVE THE FROGS! Our sponsorship was made in honor of one of our founders, R.W. "Frog" Howard, Sr. Our parent company, Kleen-Tex, was founded in 1967 and Mr. Howard was an integral part of building our company into an international success. Along with his son, Ralph Howard, Jr., his vision was to create a respected, world-class company. To honor his legacy, the company decided to support SAVE THE FROGS! in honor of his beloved nickname. 

SAVE THE FROGS! has a mission to prevent the extinction of amphibian populations, and to promote a society that respects and appreciates nature and wildlife. As worldwide frog populations become more threatened due to habitat loss and climate change, it is even more important to understand the critical role amphibians play withing our ecosystems and for controlling larvae and bug populations.

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