Tired of Curled Up Mats? - Wash+Dry™ Mats by Studio 67

Tired of Curled Up Mats?

by Jocelyn Scott March 01, 2022 1 min read


Company coming and frustrated with the appearance your current floor mats? We can help! Order by Monday, November 15 and we will get your new mats on their way. Plus, get free shipping with code NEWMATS at checkout through 11/14. 

Hate how your current floor mats slip, slide and get stuck under doors? Say no more, help is on the way! Studio 67 door mats are made with you in mind. They won’t slide around or get stuck, but best of all they are 100% machine washer and dryer safe! With an amazing five year guarantee, these mats will be sure to please the whole family.

So get rid of those old, curled up mats that won’t stay put, and say HELLO to Studio 67!