As Easy as 1,2,3 - Wash+Dry™ Mats by Studio 67


Machine wash on medium soil setting and warm water temperature.

Use one tablespoon of detergent per mat, or one wash pod.

Do not use bleach.

Insert mat in washer with fabric facing outward, rubber facing inward.

If needed, balance washing machine with more than one mat, or with an equally sized item.

Select water level that will provide ample coverage during wash cycle.

Tumble dry on medium heat or air dry. Mat will dry quickly so just select a few minutes to dry.

Any creases will diminish once mat is placed on floor.


Once your mat has been washed and dried for the first time the fabric will become softer and more plush.

Regularly washing and drying your mat will enhance the long-term performance of trapping dirt, moisture and allergens. You will love how long the quality will last.

Have pets or excess dirt on the mat? Vacuum mats before washing to remove excess debris.

For extra stain removal pretreat with NON-BLEACH carpet cleaner or fabric stain remover.

Capacity Recommendation: Read your washing machine and dryer capacity limits.

For more information regarding mat care please call 888-701-6767 or email